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I have been walked upon, used and forgotten. I do not regret one moment of it because I have learnt how to deal with life. I am one of the searchers, among the millions I believe there are...exploring life, hoping to uncover its deepest secrets. I am not unhappy and neither am I really content.I have decided never to change for any one..or give up everything..Because today I love the way I look..I love the way I feel.I may be a whole complex package...and when the time comes,I will alone make changes for myself.Reading has been my passion and I hope to give my passion a new name...writing.I am a simple woman with no great demands.My daughter is my anchor angel.I just want my dreams to come true...which will happen,because I have someone who truly believes in my passion and loves me unconditionally.After visiting hell numerous times, I have decided never to take things for granted. This is my life. I am living day at a time. I want to be a dreamer, a wanderer who dares to ask Life questions. I want goodness and beauty out of life. That is my dream, my search.

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